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October 27, 2016

Kurt Kinetic Road Bike Trainer

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Kurt Kinetic Road BikeRiding bicycles is a popular form of fitness. The Kurt Kinetic Road Bike Trainer is a method to ensure you can get your bike riding in whenever you like without having to deal with weather and bad conditions. The problem with bike riding is that bad weather conditions can deter you from riding. Rain, cold, heat, or any number of factors are detriments to riding outside. Some of us like to ride bikes for fitness or just plain fun. Indoor cycling bikes just don’t measure up for some, so bike trainers are available as an alternative. This trainer is a very popular model that is meant to help you in situations such as these.

It works by using fluid and an impeller to create resistance. The impeller rotates through fluid housed in a chamber to provide a smooth and quiet ride with the proper resistance. One issue that is common with fluid trainers is that they can begin to leak over time. The Kurt Kinetic trainer incorporates a magnetic drive system that eliminates many sources of those leaks. This is one reason this particular bike trainer is so popular. The innovative construction ensures you do not have to worry about leakage no matter how long or how often this machine is used.

It has a number of features that make it one of the better trainers available at a decent price. This is not the top-of-the-line product by Kurt, but it works really well. It features an adjustable height system that allows you to get the mounted wheel very close to the ground. This is a very nice feature since it eliminates the need for propping up the front wheel for a level ride. The back wheel can be placed very close to the ground to help with simulating a real riding experience.

The resistance provided by the Kurt Bike Trainer is top-notch. The resistance increases the faster you pedal. This resistance is exactly what would happen if you were out cycling on your own bike. The impeller rotates within the fluid increasing the resistance the faster it turns. Although, this is a quiet trainer almost always, it does begin making a noise at high speeds. This noise is not incredibly loud, but you can hear it.

Some of the cheaply made bike trainers are known to produce vibrations the faster you go. The Kurt Kinetic Road Bike Trainer has no issues such as these. The ride is very smooth and stable. You can stand up and pedal to your heart’s content without worrying about the stability of this unit. The construction is very good. It is made with quality components that ensure the ride is as close to the real thing as you can get without spending tons of money.

This is a pretty good trainer. It does cost a bit, but it is much better quality than others in this price range. It offers just enough features to help you get the workout you need in the offseason or if you just like riding in the comfort of your own home while watching the television. It is quiet enough that this is entirely possible.

Bike trainers are becoming more popular as the popularity of cycling increases. Lance Armstrong brought about a resurgence to the cycling industry and it has carried over to the exercise industry. If you are looking at bike trainers for any reason, the Kurt Kinetic Road Bike Trainer is an excellent example of what one can do. It has a simple yet powerful construction that ensures it will work for you. There are other trainers that offer more features, but get ready to pay for them. If you really want some extra features such as tracking you can save some money by buying the add-ons since they are almost always cheaper as separate parts rather than an all-inclusive package. What you get when you buy this bike trainer is a quality machine that will let you ride your bike in a realistic manner without leaving your home.